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Edu-Therapy™ right for you?


Is your heart broken?

Do you feel like you are existing rather than really living?

Then Edu-Therapy™ can help.

What do we mean by heart broken?

Maybe you’ve experienced bereavement or more than one of someone important in your life?
Or maybe it is your marriage that has died, you’ve separated from your romantic partner or you’ve become estranged from a family member or friend. All of these life events are emotionally painful and can leave us feeling stuck, unhappy and in emotional pain.

This is where Edu-therapy™ can be extremely helpful. Edu-Therapy™ is a “cognitive behavioural model” – essentially this means that we teach you how to acknowledge and let go of the emotional pain through a series of steps we ask you to take over the course of our 8 session programme. Most unresolved emotional pain or grief is the result of undelivered emotional communications:- “I wish I’d said…” or “I wish I hadn’t said” or “I wish I’d done / hadn’t done”.

This wishing things were different can keep us stuck on a hamster wheel of pain with thoughts going round our heads like “what if…” “if only…” and “why.”  Once you’ve learned the steps of how to stop these questions the healing can begin. This allows you to then embrace your life as it is, even if it isn’t what you planned or would have chosen for yourself.

Edu-Therapy™ is only available from Certified Edu-Therapy™ Specialists either on an individual basis or in groups. (Not all Specialists offer groups) most Specialists will work either in person or online via Zoom or Teams so can be accessed even if there is no one local to you or transport is difficult. If you work individually the sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. In groups it takes a bit longer – about 2 hours per session. You need to attend all sessions for the programme to work as it is a course where you are learning how to help yourself, rather than merely a chance to talk about how you feel.

Edu-therapy specialist near me

Who is it for?

If you are willing to attend an entire course and invest in your own emotional well being then Edu-Therapy™ can be incredibly powerful in releasing all the hurt. While most people who seek our help are adults we can work with young people down to 13 years old. (please note not all Specialists work with minors) The programme can help with any emotional loss if you’re not sure please do get in touch and we can advise.

Who is it NOT for?
If you are struggling with something other than emotional pain and loss this isn’t for you. Or if you are looking for traditional talking therapy or counselling then we again can’t help.

How soon can I get started?
As soon as you’re ready to do some work to help yourself feel better. There is no reason to wait.

Is it ever too late to start?
No. The oldest person I helped was in her 80s and we talked about a loss she had when she was 7. Sadly she was living the truth that time does not heal! The good news was that she didn’t need to live another day in pain after working with us.

How do I know it will help?
Edu-Therapy™ was developed in Canada and has been well established there for many years and is based on evidence. Carole Henderson bought it to the UK in 2022 and it is now spreading rapidly across the country.

Next steps
If you would like to be put in touch with a Certified Edu-Therapy™ Specialist please fill out the form below and we’ll match you with up to 3 people and you can decide who, if any, you’d like to work with.

How much does it cost?
Each Specialist is independent and sets their own rates for the work. Therefore please check with them what their prices are.

Can I then help others?
No. The 8 session programme is purely for personal pain resolution. If you’d like to help others with this programme then you will need to do the Certification Training. Click here to find out more.

What is Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution?

The Edu-Therapy™ Process is a two-phase cognitive behavioural model that:
Rapidly accesses and identifies conflicting emotions
Provides concrete easy to use steps that decrease the disturbing emotional intensity
Once learned grieving people can easily repeat the process on their own or in a clinical setting
Moves those struggling with emotional pain from being stuck in the past and into the present
Teaches healthy emotional coping skills