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Carole Henderson

Carole Henderson

Carole has been a Grief Specialist for over 13 years and has helped hundreds of people heal their grieving heart and trained hundreds in the techniques to do this effectively.

Always on the look out for the best way to help her clients she is thrilled to be able to bring Edu-Therapy™ to the UK as an evolutionary step forward in helping grieving people heal.

She is a popular trainer and has appeared as a Grief Expert across the BBC, on Channel 5 news and TES (formerly Times Educational Supplement)

What others have said about Carole:

“Carole is an exceptional trainer, clear, concise and passionate that you will gain clarity and have the confidence and capability to follow through with the programs she teaches. I learned more from her in 4 days, than I have from others over several weeks. The support that she gives after certification is second to none.”

“I was impressed by Carole’s delivery, knowledge and passion for her subject.”

“Carole's professional attitude and warm persona makes her ideal. After all in this position she is dealing with often vulnerable people, who are in need of support, often finding her service after a devastating loss. Once I called her and said, I know you are very busy, but I need some advice...and her response was, I will never be too busy to support you. Her knowledge and experience runs deep. I can whole heartedly recommend her services.”

“Carole's compassion, empathy and passion are amazing. She is an excellent trainer”