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train as a grief specialist
learn the best way to help people with grief and loss

Learn the best way to help your clients resolve their emotional pain, grief and loss and build sustainable mental wellness with our 4 day grief training.

Train to become a Certified
Edu-Therapy™ Specialist

If your mission is to help others resolve their emotional pain effectively then we can help you achieve that.

If you have become aware that most approaches for grief and loss rarely bring about real and lasting change then you’ll love our Cognitive approach. It combines education with actions that has been shown over many years to bring real results.

If you are looking for a heart centered practical tool kit rather than traditional bereavement counselling you’ll love our grief and loss training.

train to become a grief and loss counsellor
Featured in the Times Education SupplimentThe Gurkha Welfare TrustFeatured on the BBCRoyal Air Forces AssociationRoyal National Lifeboat Insistute

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How to become a Grief Specialist

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how to become a grief and bereavement counsellor

What people say about our grief training

h the video
Carole Henderson - Grief and Bereavement expert

Carole Henderson - your trainer

Carole has been a Grief Specialist for over 14 years and has helped hundreds of people heal their grieving heart and trained hundreds in the techniques to do this effectively.

Always on the look out for the best way to help her clients she is thrilled to be able to bring Edu-Therapy™ to the UK as an evolutionary step forward in helping grieving people heal.

She is a popular trainer and has appeared as a Grief Expert across the BBC, on Channel 5 news and TES (formerly Times Educational Supplement)

What others have said about Carole:

“Carole is an exceptional trainer, clear, concise and passionate that you will gain clarity and have the confidence and capability to follow through with the programs she teaches. I learned more from her in 4 days, than I have from others over several weeks. The support that she gives after certification is second to none.”

“I was impressed by Carole’s delivery, knowledge and passion for her subject.”

“Carole's professional attitude and warm persona makes her ideal. After all in this position she is dealing with often vulnerable people, who are in need of support, often finding her service after a devastating loss. Once I called her and said, I know you are very busy, but I need some advice...and her response was, I will never be too busy to support you. Her knowledge and experience runs deep. I can whole heartedly recommend her services.”

“Carole's compassion, empathy and passion are amazing. She is an excellent trainer”

What is Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution?

The Edu-Therapy™ Process is a two-phase cognitive behavioural model that:
Rapidly accesses and identifies conflicting emotions
Provides concrete easy to use steps that decrease the disturbing emotional intensity
Once learned grieving people can easily repeat the process on their own or in a clinical setting
Moves those struggling with emotional pain from being stuck in the past and into the present
Teaches healthy emotional coping skills

when and where to train to become a grief and loss specialist
When and Where to train.
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bereavement training for funeral professionals

Learn Quickly - 4 day experiential course 
Real Results – established over 30 years
Unlimited support after your course 
Immediately work with clients 
Assist with any loss - tangible or intangible 
No previous qualifications necessary 
Work with individuals or groups
Support to grow your practice 
Reputable – Theravive Expert Resource
All trainers have lived experience 
Life Changing Experience 


Why Edu-Therapy™?

You want to invest in the best possible training that will give you the powerful tools to help the people you serve. The Edu-Therapy™ Certification gives practical, experiential training alongside comprehensive support materials.

In 4 intense days you will learn how to use the
Edu-Therapy™ tools, and how to teach others to use them. At the end of the course you will be qualified to deliver Edu-Therapy™ to groups or individuals face to face.

There is additional training to work online. (included)

Unlike bereavement training courses you may have seen, or support groups you may have experienced, Edu-Therapy™ offers a structured, trauma informed process that is effective on all types of loss and grief.

learn to help people through bereavement

Two part programme

Part 1 The Foundations of Emotional Pain Resolution
We strongly believe that is wrong to ask someone else to do something we haven't done ourselves. Therefore the first 2.5 days of the training we ask you to temporarily park your desire to help others while we lead you through the Edu-Therapy™ programme to work on your own losses.

Part 2 The Certification
Once you have experienced Edu-Therapy™ in part 1 we will then teach you how to teach it to others in either a group or 1-1 setting.  Covering communication skills and how to use the programme materials this is still very much an interactive workshop approach rather than academic theory.
At the end of the 4 days you will have everything you need to offer Edu-Therapy™ grief resolution in your local area.

What’s included?

Edu-Therapy™ Certification Training
work face to face and online

Four days intensive classroom based or live streamed training giving you the licence to work in person to deliver:
Edu-Therapy™ 1-1 eight session programme
Edu-Therapy™ Group eight session programme


Further training via video
for extra licence to deliver Edu-Therapy™ online.

Session Plans for all programmes
Ongoing support from Edu-Therapy™ HQ
3 year licence to practice
Licence to use Edu-Therapy™ branded materials
1 Certification Leaders Manual
1 Leaders Workbook for 1-1
1 Leaders workbook for Group
1 Participant workbook for 1-1
1 Participant workbook for group
Access to portal for continued learning
Access to cost effective programme materials
Access to cost effective promotional materials
Refreshments each day at in person events only.
Food and accommodation NOT included.

Once you have completed your 4 days you will be invited to join the online portal to complete the video training to allow you to work online. Until that is complete you can still work face to face.


What is it like being an Edu-Therapy™ Specialist?

Trainer Carole Henderson talks to Specialist Paul Butler about his experience so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need?
None. All we ask is that you have an open mind and a heart willing to help others.

Is this a franchise?
No. We have a licence agreement which sets out how we support you after your training and rules under which you can use our programmes but there are no territories or other constrictions and costs that a franchise brings.

Why a licence?
As part of the Certification Package we’ll ask you to sign a licence agreement.

What is it for?
This is a legal document that sets out our promise to you and your promise to us in return. It protects you as it sets out in legal terms our promise to provide ongoing support and access to the advertised programmes. It protects us as it means you are using our brand according to the brand rules. It also protects clients as they know that people we refer them to have the qualification and are committed to offering best practice. To give you some peace of mind, we’ve never had anyone refuse to sign.

Who has to sign it?
Everyone who wants to undertake the training to be Certified as an Edu-Therapy™ Specialist has to sign one.

Can I cancel it?
Yes but this means you will no longer be able to call yourself a Certified Edu-Therapy™ Specialist and you not be allowed to offer any Edu-Therapy™ programmes.

Can I read it in advance?
Of course! You can download it here and you will receive your paper copy when you book the training.


Are there further costs?
The training does not include accommodation or food so if you’re not local and you have booked in person training you will need to budget for somewhere to stay, eat and travel. Each client you take through the programme will need a workbook which you can buy directly from us very cost effectively.  There are also optional extras such as promotional items and training posters.